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Bob Miller, CTN
ROBERT MILLER, CTN, is a Certified Traditional Naturopath specializing in the field of natural health, including genetic-specific nutrition, homeopathy, stress reduction, detoxification and education. He earned his naturopathic degree from Trinity School of Natural Health and is board certified.

In 1993, Bob Miller opened the Tree of Life practice and he has served as a traditional naturopath for 20+ years. For the past several years, he has been engaged with genetic variants and related research. Working with many clients, he is astounded at how many peoples’ health concerns are related to the genetic issues.

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Emily Givler, DSC
Functional/Genetic Nutrition Consultant
Food Sensitivity Counseling
High Frequency Microcurrent J.A.D.E.Therapist

Emily Givler, DSC is a Functional/Genetic Nutrition Consultant and Dietary Supplements Counselor with the NutriGenetic Research Institute and Tree of Life. She specializes in food sensitivities, utilizing genetically influenced dietary protocols designed to maximize health outcomes while maintaining a healthy relationship with food. She holds degrees from the Holt Institute of Medicine and Pan-American Institute.

Dr. Kelly Halderman, M.D.
Functional/Genetic Nutrition Consultant
Food Sensitivity Counseling
High Frequency Microcurrent J.A.D.E.Therapist

Dr. Kelly Halderman practices clinical nutrition at One Agora Health in Bloomington, MN. She completed a Family Practice Medicine internship with the University of Minnesota; has a Naturopathic Medical Degree from Kingdom College of Natural Health where she is the current Academic Dean of Students. She holds certification in MethylGenetic Nutrition by the Nutrigenetic Research Institute, certification from The American Functional Neurology Institute in Functional Neurology and Neurofeedback.

**NEW** Class Schedule

Friday, May 18th

2:00pm - 6:00pm Intro/Refresher of MethylGenetic Nutrition® with Dr. Kelly Halderman, M.D.
6:30pm - 7:30pm Welcome Reception

Saturday, May 19th

8:00am – 5:00pm MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM

Sunday, May 20th

8:00am – 4:00pm MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM(continued)
Evidence Based Nutritional Support for Today’s Toxic World

Health care is changing and moving towards more personalized care, not just a one size fits all. Additionally, the myriad of toxic substances, we are all now exposed to, makes a new approach to nutrition essential.

As inexpensive genetic testing is now available to the public, patients are looking for practitioners who can help them understand how their genetics may impact their health. This is health care of the future, and you can be on the cutting edge.

In this three day extensive class, Bob Miller, CTN, a traditional naturopath, and founder and President of the NutriGentic Research Institute, along with Emily Givler, a Functional Nutritionist, will teach you a scientific and systematic approach to on the use of genetics, labs, and symptoms to in creating a personalized nutrition system for your patients. Bob and Emily have a gift for taking the sometimes complex and confusing world of genetic nutrition and presenting it in a comprehensible way, so that you can start the following week with your patients.

Additionally, Bob has now discovered how Epigenetics (our environment) and our genetics, combine to create an imbalance in mTOR (cell growth) and Autophagy (cellular cleaning). This recent discovery is receiving an excellent response from some of the nation’s top functional medicine practitioners.

The NutriGenetic Research Institute has formulated the MethylGenetic Nutrition™ line of products for Professional Health Products. Bob is also the founder and president of MethylGenetic Nutrition AnalysisTM, a proprietary software program that analyzes genetics and implements a step-by-step process known as the Pyramid approach, making nutritional genetics practical for health practitioners. Based on the Pyramid approach that Bob has developed, you will understand how to address nutrition in the correct order.

Many practitioners are going about things incorrectly, suggesting methyl folate and methyl B12 too soon, and having negative results with the patients. At the end of this three day, fast-paced class, you will have the knowledge you need to begin your journey into genetic nutrition by providing nutrition in the correct order for better results, and less negative side effects.

And for the first time, Bob will not only be demonstrating the Pyramid approach in the software, but will also be presenting his newly developed protocol for supplementation, exercise and dietary suggestions. This new supplementation approach is based upon the scientific approach of supporting mTOR, fighting oxidative stress, and supporting autophagy. This new approach that we are naming SNP (Scientific Nutritional Protocol) will be appropriate for everyone, but even for those who do not want to get into the complexities of understanding genetics, it will allow you to be one of the first health professionals teaching your patients about this cutting-edge approach to supplementation and lifestyle.

After this class, you will be able to help your patients and clients in ways that you may never have dreamed possible

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